Project Objectives

P10 - Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University - TESAU

TESAU is the only university in Kakheti region, Eastern Georgia. In 1924 pedagogical technical college was established in Telavi which was the basis of the institute for teachers. In 2001 Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi Pedagogical Institute was transformed into Telavi State University and following five Faculties were formed on three level of educational: Agricultural Sciences; Education; Social Sciences, Business and Law; Humanities; and Exact and Natural sciences.

Telavi State university has established international relations with many higher educational institutions, thus becoming a member of numerous international projects. TESAU signed bilateral cooperative agreements with a wide range of HEIs form South Caucasus and Europe focusing on exchange scientific research papers, publications and participation in international conferences. The number of EU funded projects increases annually giving TESAU the 6th place among Georgian HEIs according to Erasmus+ Georgia office statistics. Besides EU-funded projects TESAU has the close relation with Volkswagen Foundation.

TESAU organized number of local and international scientific conferences contributing to the development of various scientific areas, increasing motivation among young researchers, introduction of new approaches and methodology in research. Our professors and students actively and successfully participate in various local and international scientific forums held in Georgia and abroad; publish their scientific papers and monographs; give public lectures; are members of the editorial board of international scientific peer-reviewed journals, etc. Creation of research laboratory on the faculty of Agrarian Sciences and the Caucasus Research Center also indicates the success of scientific activities.

Role in the Project

TESAU will be actively engaged in the activities of the HERD project. Its staff will participate in the workshops and study visits. TESAU representatives will serve on the project’s Steering Committee and take part in the management-related activities. It will host one of the Steering Committee meetings in Telavi. It will distribute the information on the project through various channels, its website and other means of communication. After the completion of the project TESAU will support the sustainability of the project outcomes which correspond with the strategic plan of the university.