Project Objectives

P1 – Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University TSU

TSU is the leading pubic university in Georgia with more than 22,000 students. Established in 1918 it was the first HEI in Georgia and the whole South Caucasus creating local intellectual workforce and paving way for human development and democracy. TSU was founded as European-style HEI as the majority of its 12 founders had been educated in Germany, France and Tsarist Russia bringing their knowledge and networks to Georgia for creating an institution based on the Western values.

Today TSU is the biggest HEI in Georgia with 7 faculties (Humanities, Law, Social & Political Sciences, Business & Economics, Psychology & Education Sciences, Medicine, Exact & Natural Sciences), over 215 accredited academic programs on all levels of tertiary education, 14 research institutes: 8 in natural and exact sciences, 1 in law, 1 in medicine, 3 in humanities and 1 in economics, thus providing excellent ground for interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary teaching, learning and research.

TSU’s objectives are to: promote intellectual, moral, cultural and socio-economic development of the society; develop innovative basic and applied research; protect academic freedom; support personal and professional development of students and staff; create and transfer knowledge; promote lifelong learning; strengthen international academic and scientific collaboration.

TSU in actively involved in International projects, implementing 124 international projects in 2011-17 development of infrastructure and new programs, improvement of scientific and academic potential, sharing best practices of leading research universities and research institutes/centres globally. The special scheme of returning scholars is developed in collaboration with Ministry of Education and Science and Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation.

TSU is actively involved in TEMPUS/Erasmus+ projects participating in total of 27 Erasmus+ CBHE projects in different academic and administrative fields.

As a continuation of its past activities TSU overall policy for next decade is to fully implement research-based teaching and learning on all three levels of education, provide high quality teaching and research environment and promote internationalization and full integration in academic and professional networks globally.  

Role in the project

Considering TSU’s vast experience in administering international projects, including TEMPUS/Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, Marie Skłodowska-Curie, and managing international consortia, it will fully undertake all obligations in a highly professional manner. TSU will act as the project coordinator, direct and administer the overall project in close cooperation with the EU and local partners in order to achieve the objectives of the HERD project and support the development of highly performative R&D units at the target HEIs.

Having a sound capacity in project management TSU will act as a liaison between the donor and HERD consortium to ensure smooth implementation of the project. TSU will supply required documents and information to EACEA and/or to audits and will hold responsibility for the programme and financial management of the grant involving daily management, coordination and monitoring, providing financial guarantees, payment requests and timely payments to the partners.