Project Objectives

P 17 - Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia

SRNSFG is a legal entity of public law under the aegis of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. The vision and strategy of the foundation is in line with the Social-economic Development Strategy of Georgia «Georgia 2020», four-point action plan of the Georgian Government and the EU – Georgia EU Association Agreement. SRNSFG is the only state-owned foundation, designing, approving, publishing detailed programmes’ solicitation and implementing the funding of highly meritorious proposals in all fields of science. It administers more than 20 programmes, out of which, there are 15 nationals, about 10 international bilateral programmes, and two multilateral projects (BSH, EaP PLUS) funded through H2020.

The foundation aims at establishing a transparent, accountable, and reliable system of competitive science funding, which earns a trustworthy reputation and builds society’s trust.

SRNSFG has an International Policy Board – represented by the leading Georgian and foreign scientists, members of the Georgian Government. The board is responsible for developing and monitoring the implementation of SRNSF policy, strategy and action plan. SRNSFG Priority Directions are four-fold: Supporting Excellence in Research; Supporting Young Researchers’ Development (Postdocs, PhD and MA students); Internationalization of research (bi and multilateral schemes); Diversification of Research Funding of STI and Enhancing Georgian Researchers’ participation in international programmes. SRNSFG serves as a main platform for disseminating the information on R&D on local and international levels.

SRNSFG will be involved in all phases of the project implementation, including participation in trainings and study visits, Steering Committee meetings, other management-related meetings, conference, kick-off meeting and virtual meetings. SRNSFG will lead the WP2.8 that envisages the creation of Online Georgian Research Portal, validating the information in cooperation with MES and NCEQE and ensuring the maximum visibility of Georgian R&D on international level.