Project Objectives

P14 - International Black Sea University, LLC - IBSU

IBSU as one of the leading private HEIs in Tbilisi offering high quality education to its local and international students in various fields of study with a specific focus on research in order to contribute to the economic and social welfare of Georgia since 1995. IBSU is a member of various national, regional and international associations, and has active memoranda of understanding with more than 100 universities.

IBSU currently offers around 45 educational programs to about 1750 students in five faculties: Business Management, Social Sciences, Computer Technologies and Engineering, Law, and Education & Humanities, at three cycles of higher education.

IBSU is improving its services in the fields of Lifelong Learning as well as Alumni. Lifelong Learning Centre (LLC) offers seminars and short courses to various parts of the society including but not limited to the alumni, school directors, high school students, and company representatives.

IBSU’s business/industry links are quite strong. The university established its Career Planning Office more than ten years ago and substantially improved it four years ago through a TEMPUS project, regularly organizes job fairs, and offers services to companies in the country. IBSU signed many protocols with companies for internship purposes as well.

IBSU’s current focus is to develop its information systems to accommodate the need for data in decision making and boost productivity. The Strategic Planning Office (Institutional Research Office) is working on an online solution where all the units/departments register their activities, which removes the need to present activity reports in hardcopy.

IBSU has joined in three TEMPUS projects before that did help with developing a thorough understanding of EU projects and the issue of project management at large: CASEDE (establishing career planning centres), LaMANCHE (leading and managing change in HEIs), and MAHATMA (setting up a higher education management master’s program). IBSU will surely benefit from the HERD to a great extent in developing its research structure and be an active part of the larger research community in Georgia.

Role in the Project

IBSU will be actively involved in all phases of implementation of the HERD project. It will contribute to conducting the local needs assessment, will participate in all the trainings and study visits, will contribute to the management processes through participating in kick-off meeting, Steering Committee meetings and virtual meetings. IBSU will lead the WP on translating the RM user guide and training materials into Georgian; and will actively disseminate the project activities and promo materials through its channels, social media pages and website.