Project Objectives

P13 - David Tvildiani Medical University - DTMU

DTMU (formerly called as AIETI Medical School up to 2011) started functioning in 1992/1993 academic year. It is one of the first non-governmental higher medical education institutions in Georgia. It has AIETI Medical School and School of Public Health and offers postgraduate studies. AIETI Medical School is providing MD undergraduate and PhD education programs in Health and Biomedicine, (first admission was in 2008-2009 academic year) also residency programs. AIETI is included into WHO AVICENNA Directory for Medicine-BETA and into FAIMER International Medical Education Directory. It is a member of the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE), European University Association (EUA) and organization for PhD Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in the European System (ORPHEUS).The Mission of the AIETI Medical School is to provide scientifically oriented Higher Medical Education based on the best international experience.

The PhD program is based on an interdisciplinary approach. The necessary human and material resources are provided by the University and by the 12 research-intensive institutions (scientific centres, research-oriented hospitals, professional organizations) resources.

Representative from DTMU took active part in creating of the document on “PhD Standards for Doctoral Training in biomedicine and health sciences in Europe, Aarhus University Press, 2012”.

DTMU continuously tries to implement ORPHEUS standards not only in its work but also in try to spread the nationwide; DTMU organized workshop to bring main national stakeholders. The workshop was held in Tbilisi. The main objective of the workshop was to bring the representatives main stakeholders providing and interested with PhD studies in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in order to review, discuss and exchange information regarding ORPHEUS Standards for PhD Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in Europe.

Role in the Project

Role of DTMU in the HERD project is as follows: development of Research Unit in DTMU and introducing RM software on its premises, thus contributing to establishment of the joint research platform in Georgia. Its staff will participate in the trainings and study visits of the project; its representatives will participate in quality control of the project by serving on the Steering Committee and participating in the respective onsite and online meetings. Together with the TSMU, DTMU will co-lead the WP5.1 and will organize the kick-off meeting of the HERD project. It will collaborate with the external quality control experts as well as the external audits for the evaluation of the project as necessary.