Project Objectives

P11 - V.Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire - TSC

Since the day of its foundation the TSC has perfectly been combining art and science, teaching and research, and has become one of the major cultural, educational and research centers for music in the country and remains the only center for research in the field of musical art throughout the country.

Today TSC is the major HEI for Music education and research in Georgia with 2 enlarged Departments - Performing and Composition, and Musicology, providing 3-tier education (BA, MA, Doctoral). Total number of students is 475 students, among them 3, 5 % international students, 96 full time professors and 95 part-time academic staff. Students are served by TSC libraries, rehearsal rooms, opera studio, and music technology studio (MTS) as well as 2 concert halls (Grand Hall – 500 seats, Recital Hall – 200 seats), International research center for traditional music (IRCTM) and research laboratories.

Among other things TSC attracts wider audience through subscription cycles, international festivals and competitions, and the series of the concerts. Students annually perform in more than 500 events ranging from class concerts, jazz and chamber music, student orchestra performances and staged operas. Since 2002 TSC has been hosting the biannual International Symposia on traditional polyphony including scientific sessions and concerts.

It should also be mentioned that the Research Department of the TSC is responsible for the coordination of the scientific work of the institution. TSC enhances international collaboration in the direction of research by carrying out number of joint international projects, including: “Bridging the Gap – Qualifying music students for a changing Music Profession” with the Norwegian Music Academy; and “Music and Artistic Research Knowledge Network Eurasia” with the Grieg Music Academy (Norway).  

TSC has never participated in Erasmus+ CBHE projects; therefore, its participation in the HERD project is of utmost importance.

Role in the Project

TSC will be actively involved in each activity of the proposed project. It will fully implement the RM module on its premises to promote the development of research and R&D unit. TSC representatives will attend all the major training except for Tech-Transfer workshop which is out of scope of this institution. TSC will contribute to dissemination of the project activities through its channels and will co-lead one of the WPs in this respect. It will nominate one representative to the HERD Steering Committee and will attend all the related on-site and virtual meetings to fully participate in the project management and quality assurance processes.